Origin of an Idea

Origin of an Idea

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Do you need energy, flexibility, and inspiration? This image is meant to inspire your inner mercurial nature to bring you new ideas and innovation in how you solve problems. Place this artwork in a spot where you can best use the energy expressed in this piece.

It would also make a great gift for a friend who could use an energetic lift!

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Please note, there are variations available. The larger prints are part of a limited edition series. This means that once I reach the maximum number of prints they will no longer be available for sale. Each print is signed and numbered by me. High quality archival type inks are used to create these artworks.

The smaller prints are not archival quality. These are an affordable alternative. The smaller sized prints are not limited in an effort to let the images travel wherever they need to go.

You will receive your artwork unframed. Please remember to carefully handle your artwork to minimize the possibility of damage. Sunlight is the enemy of artwork, please hang your piece away from direct light.