Take that trip, visit your brother

Rob (fellow artist and husband) and I traveled to Europe during the summer of 2013.  I don't get to see my brother (pictured) very often because he lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and kids.  It was really cool that he met up with us in Spain- he has always been very adventurous!  We had so much fun exploring Barcelona with him.   

Overall, traveling through Europe that summer was amazing.   As you can imagine, we visited many galleries and museums (we were there for over a month).  It was an experience with many fond memories attached to it and we left with countless photographs to remind us of our fortunate trip.

A few months later my husband lost his sister in a tragic accident.  This time of year always brings up those memories.  The last time we saw her was right before we left for Europe.  She was spirited and beautiful and now greatly missed.

Joyful and solemn moments do collide- we can't control it, so book that trip anyway.